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AT&T e Sim vs physical Sim Card or "HACKERS PARADISE"

Updated: Apr 26

When AT& T had a countrywide outage last months due to the software update was the first time I realized something is off about my phone. I did not just lost service, but all of the sudden all of my contacts were appearing and disappearing randomly. This time it happened after I factory rested my phone on April 19th. When my phone came back and turned on I had ... No Service. I spend almost 6 hours with no service, until I got to the AT&T store. I was advised by the customer service that it is strange that my phone did not work with physical SIM card in it and it did not switched to eSim, as it should have. They also explained to me, than in the phones programmed to have a eSIM card, physical SIM is not even needed, plus it can be used a tool to hack your phone. He said somehow my phone was registered wrong, with different IMEI. He threw away my physical SIM, re-programmed my number and restored my service. However, I lost every Bitcoin I earned on all of my game sites. It was not much, $79.00 maybe, but still, it's 2 silver coins. I earn bitcoins and buy silver coins with it. I would advise anyone using Samsung ' 22 and after ~ activate your eSIM, as soon as you get your new phone, and, install the Pin code on the physical SIM , if you want to keep it.

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